Leadership & Bible Study (LABS)


To serve a place of prayer for all members and a place where they hear foundational Bible truth.  Equip members to include parents and child to grow in Christ naturally and spiritually. Discover and use gifts for the glory of God. For members to pursue a God centered vision of life. Study and have a clear vision of manhood and womanhood


LABS is an exciting, vital mission in the church. It is a launching pad for training all members. (Child to Adults).


LABS seek to immerse perishers in God’s Word, teach them how to pray, study and support their families in their commitment to facilitate spiritual growth by:

  • Teaching the WHOLE Bible
  • Encourage members to trust in the promises of God.
  • Cultivate a love for God’s Word and a habit of reading it consistently.
  • Men’s Committee
  • Women’s Committee
  • Youth Committee